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The following information is from a customer notice from ICE dated 19 January, 2018:

19 JANUARY 2018

MiFIR Transaction Reporting: Collection of Data Relating to Orders and Transactions

As stated in Circular 17/231, ICE continues to accept orders for which the additional data required for MiFIR transaction reporting has not been provided. If you are one of the few remaining clients who are not yet submitting this data, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Furthermore, there are a few users who are submitting invalid data via FIX Order Routing session. If we were to enable our feature to reject orders with invalid MiFID order data (FIX Tags 9700-9707), the submissions would get rejected. The purpose of this email is to serve as a reminder of what the valid values are for the relevant MiFID order data fields:


  • Invalid data for Tags 9700,9702 & 9703 is any value other than 0 & 1
  • Invalid data for Tags 9701 is any value other than 0, 1, & 2
  • Invalid data for Tags 9704,9705,9706,9707 is any non-integer value. Also the value must be > 0. Maximum value of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

If you are using vendor or in-house software that supports free-form user data entry for the fields, please remind ends users what is valid for submission. Alternatively you may want to consider the use of drop-down, check-boxes, or basic field level validations to reduce the chances of invalid data submission.


The ICE Helpdesk is the first point of contact for any production environment issues. If necessary, issues will be escalated to the API Development Support Team.

All support requests must be submitted via email to . When a client sends an email it is routed directly to the respective Support Team(s) improving response times to your inquiries and issue resolution.

Thank you for your cooperation in supporting ICE's efforts to improve our ability to better serve our customers' support needs.


(770)738-2101 Option 1

5:30pm EST Sunday - 5:30pm EST Friday


Please include as much detail as possible when submitting problem descriptions. All issues should be submitted via email to .

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