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Instructions to complete the exchange Market Data forms

Go to www.t4Login.com

ERASE the Default firm and enter your clearing firm. If you don’t remember the firm name click your T4 icon on the desktop to get the name of your firm.

Enter your regular username/password.

ALL fields must be completed

If you have a question which role you are, pro or non pro, click the link next to the choice for the definitions from the Exchange.

You must agree to the legal agreements at the bottom of the page then click save and continue.

IMPORTANT: This is required if you do not fill out the forms you will not be able to login.

Market Data setup page

You must make a selection for each exchange that is not grayed out.

If you select None you will not see any data and therefore will not be charged.

NOTE: There is also an option in the Market data setup for delayed. If you select delayed for an exchange that market will be delayed by 10 minutes. Currently ICE and CME are not charging market data fees for this.

Exchange Market data Pricing Estimates

Below is an estimate of the fees the exchange charges each month for Market data.

Please note that this is an estimate and the exchanges can change the prices at anytime.

Click here to view the CME's fees

CME Market Data PRO Non - Pro E-Mini Only Top of Book
CBOT $114.60 $10.85 $41.50 $1
CME $114.60 $10.85 $62.50 $1
Nymex $114.60 $10.85 $46.50 $1
Comex $114.60 $10.85 $36.25 $1

Eurex PRO Non - Pro
Eurex $63 $15

ICE Canada $20
ICE Europe $110
ICE US $110

Euronext Fee
Paris Commodities €16
Paris Financials €36

CFE $15

MGEX $35

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