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By default the most common columns are visible in a new Account Activity window. Many more columns are available and can be added in the Account Activity Properties.

NOTE:The Account Activity’s column layout is fully customizable. Drag the column header to move, drag the column header side border to resize, and click the column header to resort.

Default Columns

TimeThe time at the various stages of the order

ActivityShows the contract and month, buy/sell, volume of order and price

StatusStatus is going to give you the best understanding of what is happening or has happened to your order. A few examples are listed below.
Sent… - The order has been sent to the market.
Working… - The order is working in the market.
Canceled… - The order has been canceled and can no longer be traded against.
Completed, Filled - The order has been filled to completion. A position has been opened or closed.
Rejected, Max Clip Size Exceeded - Risk management has rejected your order because you attempted to submit an order with a volume larger than you are allowed to submit.

Order Activity

Order ActivitySelect Order Activity to automatically select every Advanced Column.

AccountAccount number being traded

Account NameName of the account for the order.

Buy/SellWhether the order is a buy or a sell.

ChangeA description of the last change to the order.

Exchange IDThe exchange executing login ID set by your Administrator.

FillFill price of the order

Fill VolumeThe amount of the orders volume that has been filled.

Fills Orders can be filled at multiple prices. Fill volumes and prices are displayed in a single comma separated list. For example a 5 lot order filled completely at two different prices “3@12345, 2@12346. This tells you that three of the five filled at 12345 and two filled at 12346.

FirmThe firm to which your account has been assigned.

MarketThe market for the order.

Order Type Limit - The order will trade at the specified price or better.
Market - The order will trade at the best available price.
Stop Limit - Once triggered the order will only fill at the specified limit price or better.
Stop Market - Once triggered the order will fill at the best available price.
Pit - The order is a pit trade and was not submitted to an exchange
Overnight Position - If Overnight Positions have been enabled by your Administrator orders rolled into a new trading day will have this price type.

Submit TimeThe T4 Server order submission time.

Total Fill Volumeotal number of contracts filled

Trade DateThe trade date of the order. This date corresponds with the exchange’s trading days. This does not always correspond to the calendar day as different contracts at different exchanges start trading ‘tomorrow’ at different times ‘today’. For example, CME’s Mini-Dow contract starts trading for a given trade date at 3:30pm CST the evening before.

User NameThe name of the user that submitted or last changed the order. This is useful when multiple users are setup to trade the same accounts.

VolumeDisplays the number of fills out of the total volume. For example “4 / 25” means that you have filled 4 lots out of a 25 lot order.

Working VolumeThe volume that is still working in the market.

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