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The view tabs are used to switch between filtered views of your accounts. Simply click the tab for the accounts you desire to see. If you want to see multiple views at the same time create a new Account Board and set the additional view.

Image Some tabs have related items under a drop down menu. Click the dropdown button to the right of the tab to select from the additional related items.

  1. All All Accounts. This is an unfiltered view.
  2. Have Traded Accounts that have orders for the current trading day.
  3. Neg P&L Accounts that have taken a loss for the current trading day.
    No P&L Accounts that have had no profit or loss for the current trading day.
    Pos P&L Accounts that have made a profit for the current trading day.
  4. Blocked Accounts currently being blocked by risk management. Contact your Administrator for an explanation of your specific risk management parameters.
    UnrestrictedAccounts that are not risk managed. There are no money or margin restrictions on these accounts. They may have max clip and max position limits.
    DisabledAccounts that have been disabled by your Risk Manager.
  5. Active Position Accts that have active working orders.
    Open Position Accounts that have an open position.
    No Position Accounts that have had a position but are now flat.
  6. Warnings All A summary of all warnings: Margin, P&L and loss Limit.
    Warnings Threshold The warning threshold % for this account.
    Warnings Margin All accounts over the daily risk limit for margin set by Administrator.
    Warnings P&L All accounts over the daily P&L limit set by Administrator.
    Warnings Loss Limit All accounts over the daily Loss limit level set by Administrator.

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