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Original text

In the example below, all accounts can trade all products.


In the example below, CTSDEMO2 can trade only Corn and is the ONLY account in the group allowed to trade Corn. If you place a corn order it will go in account CTSDEMO2 only. If you place an S&P order it will go in only accounts CTSDEMO10 and CTSDEMO3.


In the example below, each account has 1 filter applied and can trade ONLY that market. Any orders placed using one of the three products listed will go only in that one account. If you try to place a trade in a product not listed in one of the filters you will see the following message pop up: "No Account Group member was configured for this contract." This is useful for a person who trades 3 accounts and wants to have certain products go into certain accounts but doesn't want to switch their account every time they place an order.


The filter can be applied for an entire exchange or exchanges as well. In the example below, all CME Ag futures will go in CTSDEMO2 and all CME Ag options will go in account CTSDEMO3.

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