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  1. For new users, create account and set up risk limits as necessary.
  2. Set account mode to “ByContract,” “ByAccount,” or “ByAccountDay.” NOTE: "ByMarket" will not work properly with Options Pro 1.
  3. Check “Daily Position Rollover” in account setup.
  4. Enter limits for “Max Pit Trades” – note that the user will have the ability to circumvent risk limits by entering false pit trades that appear to reduce the position.
  5. Optional
    • Check “Allow Back Office Position Imports” in account setup. Inform the user that the position will reflect what the firm has as the position and may need to be corrected via pit trade in the event of a floor out trade or miss punch. Note that a new user can have back office imports turned on in order to import their current position, then have it turned off and retain the imported position.
    • Check “Email Alerts Enabled” in account setup and enter a valid email address that is dedicated to fills. Ask the user if this is desired.

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