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Columns Tab

The columns tab is used to add, remove, and reorder the Fast Board columns.


Image Add or remove columns from the view by checking their corresponding boxes in the left pane.

Image Change the order in which columns are displayed by selecting a column in the right pane and clicking the up or down arrows.

Image Remove a column by selecting it in the right pane and clicking the delete button.

Display Tab

The display tab is used to override the default grid. You are able to set a custom display for a specific Fast Board window.


  1. Name: Click in the empty box to the right of "Name" to give this window a unique name.
  2. Layout: When clicked, the layout and settings of the current Fast Board will be saved as default and used to create all new Fast Board windows.
  3. Save: This will save a copy of the current Option Sheet layout and the saved layout can be found in the Window Management.
  4. Font: click the plus or minus to increase or decrease the grid font size. Clicking Reset change the grid font to the system default.

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