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Original text

The Fast Board is an add on to the Options Pro Package. It stands for filter and Sort. It allows you to see all outright and options spreads. You can also co-mingle any contract. Sort by any Greek, Sort by best opportunity (aka net edge) filter things you do not want to see ( ex: large delta, small Vega, small theta). You can trade directly from the Fast Board for quick execution. Note the blue and red backgrounds for the bids and offers indicate that it is through your theoretical values.

To open select Fast Board from the main window’s New Item Menu.


  1. Fast Board Properties Opens the properties for the Fast Board window.
  2. Contract Button Opens up the contract picker window which allows you to add or delete contracts on the Fast Board.
  3. Views Menu that switches views for all tabs of the Fast Board window. Views can be added, deleted, and customized in the main properties window under Options>Fast Board > Views.
  4. Display The display tells you how many contracts are available and how many are visible after filters and sorts are applied.
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