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  1. Sort Type Left click in the value area to select the category you wish to sort.
  2. Direction Left click in the value area to choose the sort direction. You can choose between
  3. Absolute Value Enable to sort using absolute value.

    Explanation of Absolute Value

    It would just be that it doesn't matter if a spread is getting long or short vega/gamma/delta/theta, just what the magnitude of each Greek is. For example, one spread could show +$30 in theta while another shows -$30 in theta. The difference there is you collect 30 bucks each day with the positive value and you pay 30 bucks each day with the negative value. If you sort by absolute value then these two spreads would be side by side. If you sort normally, you'd have a lot of spreads between these two, specifically anything where you collect up to $29 down to paying $29.
    So if you have the following theta values for 3 spreads:
    - $31
    and you sort descending without absolute value you'd see:
    - $3 Because 28 is greater than 17 is greater than negative 31. But if you sort descending WITH absolute value you'd see: - $31
    Because 31 is greater than 28 is greater than 17. You just ignore the signs.

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