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  1. Flip Buys and Sells Clicking this button will flip each leg of the current strategy from a buy to a sell or vice versa. The background color of each leg indicates its side.
  2. Total Quantity This is the total number of spreads to be entered. Note that the leg ratio cannot be altered from this ticket, i.e. a vertical cannot be adjusted to a 1x2. To adjust the leg ratio, click cancel and make the adjustment in the Option Strategy Solver. Note that any futures legs do not change when the total quantity is changed. To adjust the futures quantity, see number 3 below.
  3. Adjust Futures Quantity Click the up or down arrows next to the futures leg to adjust the leg quantity of the futures leg only.
  4. Account Selection Choose the appropriate account from the accounts in this list before submitting the pit trade.
  5. Net Dollars for Strategy The total dollar amount of the strategy, shown as either a debit (Dr) or a credit (Cr).
  6. Price of Strategy The price of the strategy in ticks, shown as either a debit (Dr) or a credit (Cr).
  7. Leg Price The price at which each leg will be entered in the order book. These can be adjusted using the up and down arrows on either side of the price. Note that changing leg prices will change the strategy price seen in number 6 above.
  8. Leg Side Click B or S to change a particular leg to a buy or a sell, respectively.
  9. Submit Click submit to add the pit trade to the account inventory. Pit trades do not ever hit the exchange or the clearing firm, they are simply manual fills entered as a result of busted trades, trades done in a pit, trades filled via a desk, or any other fill that occurs outside T4.
  10. Cancel This will close the window without entering a pit trade.

Return to Option Strategy Solver.
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