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Option Strategy Solver Properties

  1. Sell Side Bias By default, option strategies are built with a buy side bias. Checking this box will reverse it and create new strategies with a sell side bias so that all theoretical values and Greeks are formatted as if the strategy is being sold.
  2. Layout Switch between stacked and side by side layouts. Stacked places the legs below the toolbar and strategy information while side by side places the legs to the right.
  3. Default Strategy Futures Price Scope
  4. Strategy Futures Price Scope
  5. Auto Apply Strategy By default, the 1st Strategy (primary template) is chosen for new option strategies as it is typically the most common. By choosing 2nd Strategy, the secondary template will be used instead. Choosing (none) will force manual selection of a strategy template for every new option strategy constructed.
  6. Disable Confirms Checking this box disables popups such as the confirmation window that appears when adding a futures leg.
  7. Apply ABS Checking this box forces the Option Strategy Solver to display the absolute value of every theoretical value.
  8. Show Market Price, Size, and Edge can all be shown to the left and right of the strategy's theoretical value. By default, Price and Size are enabled. These values, when enabled, can all be used for click trading from the Option Strategy Solver.
  9. Show Greeks Checking a box in this section will display the appropriate value in the Option Strategy Solver.

  10. Return to Option Strategy Solver.
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