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Original text

The Account Activity window displays the status of your order and the filled information. To open a new Account Activity window, Click the Account Activity option from the main window’s New Item Menu.


  1. Properties: Brings up the properties for the account activity window.
  2. Print: Print the account activity window (must have a printer configured). Note: You can also click the drop down to save to a PDF, copy to clipboard, or save to Excel.
  3. Default Sort: Sort Descending by Order Submission Time.
  4. Account Toggle: Useful for multiple accounts. By clicking the toggle you switch between viewing the activity for just the currently selected account or the activity for all your accounts.
  5. Firm Drop Down: Filter account activity by firm.
  6. View Tabs: Various filtered views of account activity.
  7. Total Number of Rows: The total number of rows displayed in the current view.

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