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The Accounts Tab enables you to hide or show additional Account Position details.

1Net PositionHide or display various account position details on the Contract window. Account position details correspond to the market and Currently Trading Account. The fields are listed in the order in which they are enabled.

2FormatThe market net position. You can choose to either display or remove the net position from the contract window. Three formats can be chosen to reduce screen space.
Net- Net
Net (Buys – Sells)- Net (Buys – Sells)
(Buys – Sells) Net- (Buys – Sells) Net

3P&LProfit and loss. P&L factors in unrealized and realized profit and loss.

4Unrealized P&LThe time taken in minutes for the Total column to fade from the Trade color to Trade Background color. The fading colors provide a sense of where the market has been and when.

5Realized P&LUnrealized profit and loss.

6Total BuysThe total number of contracts bought.

7Total SellsThe total number of contracts sold.

8Alt AccountThe user can select an account different to the one selected on the main application window.

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