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The Trading Tab properties only effect trading behavior of the Contract window.


  1. Contract Mode Switches the Contract window between trading and view only mode.
      Trading Enabled Allows order submission and displays working orders, position and P&L information.
      View Only Does not allow order submission and reduces the amount of screen space used by the window.
  2. Contract Ticket Hides or displays the Contract Ticket on the Contract Ladder.
  3. Volume Bar Hides or displays the Volume Bar on the Contract Ladder.
  4. Right Click Vol Enables right click trading.
      Vol The Right Click Volume Picker will behave just like the Left Click Volume Picker.
      Net Right click submission will result in an order being submitted for a volume equal to your current net position in the market. It is a useful feature for the ability to enter positions with a left click and exit positions with a right click.
  5. Buy/Sell Bar Hides or displays the Buy/Sell Bar. The Buy/sell Bar submits orders a specified number of ticks off the market. Right and left click volumes are supported.
  6. Order Tag A user specified string that gets passed with the order. This string will be visible in the Tag column in the orderbook or order details.
  7. Mini Market Adds the Mini Market screen to the contract window.
  8. Market History Adds the Market History screen to the contract window.
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