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    General Chart

  • Layout: This allows you to create a default layout of your chart. All settings will carry over to a new chart.
  • Save: Allows you to save a copy of your chart. It can be accessed in the window management.
  • Name: Left click in the value area to give your chart a unique name.
  • Background Color: Sets the background color of the chart.
  • Gridline Color: Sets the color for the gridlines of the chart.
  • Value Scale Position: Allows you to display the value scale position on the chart to the left, right, both, or hidden.
  • Auto-Scale Prices: Whether to auto-center the price scale when the time scale is scrolled. Note this can also be turned on or off by clicking the A located at the top right of the chart. Green indicates it is enabled.
  • Auto-Scale Margin: Percent of scale space to reserve for margin.
  • Display Summaries: Add or removes display summaries from the top left hand corner of the chart.
  • Summary Text Size: The size to draw the summary text size.
  • Display Net Change: Left click in the value area to display the net change of the market on the chart.
  • Display Net Change Percent: Left click in the value area to display the net change percent of the market on the chart.
  • Display Settlement Prices: Left click in the value area to display the settlement prices on the chart.
  • Settlement Price Color: Alows you to change the color of the display of the settlement prices on the chart. Note the default color is yellow.
  • Highlight Last Trade: Adds or removes green highlighting of the last trade of the day.
  • Highlight Trade Days: Adds or removes shading of trade days.
  • Crosshairs: Adds or removes crosshairs from the chart. Note you can also enable the crosshairs using the crosshair button on your chart.
  • Crosshair Color: You can change the color of the crosshair.
  • Crosshair Thickness: Set the thickness of the crosshair. Max allowed is 20.
  • Global Crosshairs:Adds or removes the global crosshairs from the chart
  • High Quality Rendering: Enabling will allow anti-aliasing for high-quality rendering.
  • Continuation Settings

  • Continuation Type: Left click in the value area to set the contract continuation settings.
  • Time Scale

  • Default Scale margin: How much space in % to leave between the current bar and the right edge of the chart. Max is 50%.

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