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  1. Properties Change properties for the contract window.
  2. New Screen Dropdown Brings up a second contract window, a new chart, a market history window, or an account contract window.
  3. Strategy Activation Allows users to view both outrights and strategies on the contract window.
  4. Contract Months List of the various contract months you can choose from.
  5. Lot Size The number of lots you want to enter (using the left click of the mouse).
  6. Pull All Pull all the orders out of the market.
  7. Order Template Allows the user to use the Order Templates.
  8. Flatten All Flatten your position.
  9. Order Types Choose from a various selection of order types. Order types can be added in the main properties.
  10. P&L / Position View Profit & Loss, Unrealized Profit & Loss, Net position, and more (select from various options in the contract properties).
  11. Volume Bar Add the volume bar from contract properties. Use it to add volume to the Lot size field
  12. Session High The high price of the trading session. Note: The session High will be colored in blue on the market prices.
  13. Center Market Left click the button to center the market in the contract window.
  14. Market Status The status of the market. Can be opened, closed, in pre-open, or pre-close, or suspended. For CME products a countdown to each session can be added.
  15. Net Change The net change per trading session.
  16. Total Market Volume By Price Displayes the current market volume traded at each price.
  17. Available Market Bids & Offers Current bid & offer depth displayed. Blue is bids and red is offers.
  18. Settlement The previous session’s settlement price.
  19. Market Prices Displays the market prices for the choosen product.
  20. Your Working Offers Shows your offers working in the market.
  21. Implied Offers Offers implied from working orders in the spreads.
  22. Last Price/Volume The last price and volume traded.
  23. Trade Histogram A graphical display of trades as they occur in the market.
  24. Implied Bids Bids implied from working orders in the spreads.
  25. Session Low The low price of trading session. Note: The session low will be colored in red on the market prices.
  26. Total Trading Volume The total trading volume per session.
  27. Scroll Market Left click the up arrow to scroll the market up, and left click the down arrow to scroll the market down. TIP: You can also use the wheel on your mouse to scroll up and down.
  28. Average Price The average price of your open position. Blue will indicate that you are long, red will indicate you are short.
  29. Your Working Bids Shows your bids currently working in the market.

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