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Your Administrator will provide you with the following login details which will allow you to access and install the T4 Trading Front-end. The following three pieces of information will always be required for login.

  1. Firm: Indicates the firm through which you trade.
  2. Username: The name provided to you by your Administrator.
  3. Password: The password provided to you by your Administrator. Your password will be displayed as a series of *’s as you type. This is to prevent anyone from seeing your password. Note: You should not disclose your password to anyone else. If you suspect that someone else may know your password then you should change your password by logging into the website and clicking Change Password, or contact your Administrator.
  4. Language: Click the icon to bring up a drop down to change the language on the platform. You can choose between English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Note for the language to appear in the drop down you need that language pack installed on your PC.

When T4 has added features or made other changes, you will be prompted to upgrade on your next login. You have the option of clicking 'yes' to upgrade now or clicking ‘no’ to upgrade at a later date. Some upgrades are mandatory and must be completed before logging into the front end. If an upgrade is mandatory, you will not have the option to choose ‘no.’


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