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Original text

Original text

To place an MOC order, click the dropdown arrow in the toolbar of the contract window and choose "Market on Close."

Note: The MOC button will not be visible after the market closes or halts for the session until the market enters "PreOpen" for the next session.
Note: The close time that is used is the electronic close time, NOT the pit close time.


In the MOC setup box you will be able to choose the following:

  1. The number of seconds before market close that your first order is submitted.
  2. The number of seconds before market close that your last order is submitted.
  3. The number of orders your MOC will be broken into. In this example it is 3, so if you submit a 6 lot it will be 3 separate 2 lot orders.

After you have your settings configured click OK.


To place the order:

  1. Choose the quantity of each order in the "L:" box.
  2. Confirm the MOC settings.
  3. The final step which places the orders is to click in the Bid column to buy or the Offer column to sell.


You will not see the orders in the "My B" or "My O" columns as they are held on the server until the specified times. You will see the orders in your order book under the "All" or "Held on Server" tabs.


To see what time each order of the MOC batch will enter the market you can add the "Activation" column to the order book via the properties. In the example below you will see the order is broken into 3 orders and their activation times are 5 seconds apart.

  Name Size
- MOC1.png 11.24 KB
- MOC2.png 15.14 KB
- MOC3.png 16.87 KB
- MOC4.png 7.38 KB
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