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Original text

Market Profile will display real time as well as historical trades for a particular market. Market Profile is a unique style of chart that organizes trade data by time, price, and volume. Customize letter sequences and the session start letter. Navigate Market Profile with smooth scrolling and zooming. Letter shading based on time or volume. Profile information boxes show common values and computations. Configurable time interval per letter. Cusomize the look and feel by adjusting fonts and colors.

To open select Market Profile from the main window’s New Item Menu.


  1. Properties Click this button to bring up main properties for any study.
  2. Print Print the Market Profile or copy to a clipboard. (must have a printer configured)
  3. New Screen dropdown Brings up a Contract window, Market Profile, Spread Matrix, Chart, Market History window, or an Account Contract window for the current contract.
  4. Strategy Activation Click this to view charts for strategies.
  5. Contract Months List of the various contract months you can choose from.
  6. Single Profile View Switch between viewing multiple time intervals and just the current time interval.
  7. Split View (effecting all profile intervals) Organize letters into columns or collapse to the left.
  8. Price Volume Display or hide price volume.
  9. Blocked-letter view Standard vs. block letter view.
  10. Initial Balance Display or hide the initial balance indicator.
  11. Opening Range Display or hide the opening range indicator.
  12. Value Area Indiator Display or hide the value area indicator.
  13. Volume Based Value Area Indiator Display or hide the volume based value area indicator.
  14. Summary Information Display or hide summary information.
  15. Symbol Price Range Increase or decrease the symbol price range. This allows you to combine trades for mulitiple prices into a single time interval.
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