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The T4 Desktop Mini Market screen can be added from the contract properties window by enabling the mini-market property.

This displays multiple months for the same contract next to each other on a compact, shared price scale that allows an overview of those markets and how they are trading in relation to each other. It also allows 2 click order submission as clicking on the mini-market will zoom the main contract display to that market and price that you clicked on, and then you can click on that to submit your order as per normal. You can select the markets that are displayed by clicking the ‘Market’ button above the price scale.


To select which outrights and strategies you want for the mini-market screen, right click on the screen and click on the select markets option or left click on the word “Market” next to the market mode.. Both options bring up a mini-market picker.


Select the months you wish to see. Click the OK button. If you wish to view strategies, select the strategies button and select which strategies you want to see. You cannot view both outrights and strategies on the same mini-market screen.

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