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T4 has the ability to report market news in real-time through in-depth coverage of U.S. and European futures markets, fixed income and more. Each trading day T4 displays news and reports on economic, financial and geopolitical news. T4 also displays breaking economic news and financial data.

To open a new News window, Click News from the Main window’s New Item Menu.



1PropertiesBrings up the properties for the news window
2 PrintPrint the news window (you must have a printer configured to use this option)
3 Expand/ContractExpands the news article/Contract article to just the title
4 CategoryChoose the category of the stories you want to read
5 View Stories TabChoose to view the story by release or by update
6 Indicators TabSwitch to view Indicators
7 StoriesTotal number of news stories that are displayed
8 TitleTitle of the News story
9 BodyBody of the News story (must use the expand button to view this)
  Name Size
- NI News and Indicators.PNG 58.52 KB
- NI Newsred.PNG 187.70 KB

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