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  1. Contract Displays the market depth for a contract and allows simple and fast order submission.
  2. Chart Displays charts for any contract.
  3. Market Profile Displays the market profile for a contract. Market profile is used for volume distribution analysis.
  4. Quote Board Displays the current quotes for several contracts in a single window.
  5. Spread Matrix Displays current quotes for exchange supported markets on one window
  6. Option Strategy Board Displays all available calls and/or puts for a particular contract month.
  7. Option Board Displays all the calls and puts side by side.
  8. Option Sheet Click tradable and configurable theoretical option pricing sheets.
  9. Option Strategies Save a strategy for future reference Theoretical comparison. Click tradable, Heat mapped, Sortable by net edge, date and time, greeks, etc Group by common strategy name
  10. Option Strategy Solver Solve for spreads theoretical values, greeks and OE’s.
  11. FaST Board It allows you to see all outright and options spreads. You can also co-mingle any contract. Sort by any Greek, Sort by best opportunity (aka net edge) filter things you do not want to see ( ex: large delta, small Vega, small theta).
  12. Portfolio Analysis Multiple risk reports including slide risk, account inventory, theoretical trade P&L, Portfolio P&L Dynamic views Quick Hedge
  13. Order Book Displays all the orders that have been entered into your accounts for the current trading session.
  14. News Displays news stories and economic indicators
  15. Market History Displays a history of trades occurring in a market.
  16. Contract History Displays all the trades occurring in all calls/puts at all strikes for a given option contract month.
  17. Account Board Displays the details, positions and P&L for all the accounts that you are allowed to view.
  18. Firm Board Displays the details, positions and P&L for all the firms that you are allowed to view.
  19. Account Group Setup Allows users to trade for multiple accounts with different ratios with one click.
  20. Account Activity Shows detail history of order and fill information
  21. Account Contract Combines outrights and spreads into one position breakdown by month and product
  22. Account Reports Display various details of the system including version and patent marks.
  23. Windows Management Save copies of windows for future use.
  24. TradeSniper TradeSniper is a client side application that allows the user to create, chart, and trade custom strategies and spreads.
  25. Release Notes Opens an instance of your internet browser and navigates to our latest T4 Release Notes available on the web. This outlines the main changes made in the last release of the software.

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