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The view tabs are used to switch between filtered views of your orders. Simply click the tab for the orders you desire to see. If you want to see multiple views at the same time create a new Order Book and set the additional view.


AllAll orders. This is an unfiltered view. Or you can click the drop-down to select All Current Day, which will filter out all previous day fills.

FilledOrders that have been partially or completely filled. You can click the drop-down to choose view filled which is all fills, just Previous days fills, just Current Day Fills, or just Current day no Pit fills.

WorkingOrders currently working in the market. Working orders are orders that have not been completely filled or canceled. At least some of their volume is still waiting to trade. You can click the drop-down arrow to change your view to see either all working orders, only working GTC orders, Or only working non GTC orders.

CanceledOrders that have been canceled by you or the exchange. These orders are completed and no longer working.

Held on ServerHeld Orders are orders being held on T4 servers awaiting submission to the Exchange. For example Activation and Auto OCO orders

RejectedOrders that have been rejected for one reason or another. Rejection could be due to Risk Management or the Exchange. Read the order Status for more information.

TradeSniperOrders that have been Traded using the TradeSniper. You can click the drop-down to view all sniper orders, filled only TradeSniper orders, Working only TradeSniper orders, Or Canceled only TradeSniper orders.
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