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Original text

The Quote Board’s column layout is fully customizable. Drag the column header to move, drag the column header side border to resize, and click the column header to resort.


By default the most common columns are visible in a new Quote board many more columns are available and can be added in the Quote board properties.

  • Bid Price The best bid price. This will be the highest bid price that has volume. It will be the first of all bid volume to trade.
  • Bid Volume The number of contracts available at the best bid price.
  • Contract (Default) The contract description.
  • Exchange The exchange where the contract is traded. This is mainly to help organize your Quote Board if you trade multiple exchanges.
  • High The highest price traded for the current trading day.
  • History A histogram of the last 1-100 trades.
  • Last Trade Price The price at which the most recent trade occurred.
  • Last Trade Volume Last Trade Volume can be displayed as the last trade volume or the total volume of consecutive trades at the current price
  • Low The lowest price traded for the current trading day.
  • Market (Default) The contract month being quoted.
  • Market Mode Displays the status of the market.
  • Net Change The net change of the market for the current trading day. This would be the difference between the previous trading day’s settlement price and where the market is currently trading.
  • Offer Price The best offer price. This will be the lowest offer price that has volume. It will be the first of all offer volume to trade.
  • Offer Volume The number of contracts available at the best offer price.
  • Open Opening price of the session.
  • Range The number of tics between the high and low.
  • Total Traded The total number of contracts traded for the trading day.
  • Volume Total volume for the current trading session
  • Position

  • Flatten Displays the Flatten button, so you can quickly flatten any postions in the selected marekt.
  • Net Your net position in each market that was traded.
  • Pull Pulls all the orders out of the selected market.
  • Working Buys Displays the amount of working Buys in the selected market.
  • Working Sells Displays the amount of working sells in the selected market.
  • Advanced

  • Cleared Volume It is a number that some exchanges provide to us at the end of a trading session. The value is the total volume that was cleared for that market for the previous trading session, and so it should update once a day only. Total traded volume on the other hand is the total volume so far traded in the current trading session.
  • Contract ID The exchange symbol for the contract.
  • Currency A short description of the currency the market trades in.
  • Denominator Displays the denominator of the market.
  • Exchange ID The exchange identifier.
  • Expiry Date The date on which the market expires.
  • Last Trading Date Last trading day for the contract.
  • Market ID Displays the Markets unique Market ID.
  • Net Change % Displays the net change percent of the market.
  • Numerator Displays the numerator of the market.
  • Open Interest Displays the open intrest of the selected market.
  • Price Code Some exchanges, such as CBOT, have custom price formats that are not easily operated on mathematically. These codes determine the routine that is used to convert from a display format (price) into an integer format (ticks). The code overrides the numerator and denominator.
  • Settlement The last settlement price.
  • Settlement Decimal Displays the Settlement price decimal.
  • Settlement Ticks Displays the Settlement price ticks.
  • VWAP Displays the Volume Weighted Average Price. Note This number comes from the exchange. If they do not publish it we do not displaye it.
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