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Original text

Enhancements in this version:

Historical Data in Contract History

The contract history window will now pull trade data for the entire trading session, up to 1 million lines of trades. This allows you to see what traded overnight, whether you were logged in or not.

New Columns in Contract History

The contract history window now offers new columns for Options Pro users. These include a "volatility initiator" column, a "trade volatility difference" column, and multiple vega measurement columns. These new columns can show whether the trade aggressor bought or sold volatility in each trade, as well as whether the volatility level of the trade is over or under your own volatility level and by how much. This can be helpful in determining how different trades are moving volatility in a market in real time. These columns can be added from the properties menu of the contract history window, and are found under the "theoretical" section in the columns tab.

New Option View Abilities

Within the main properties window, templates have been added for creating new views for option sheets and portfolio analysis windows. These templates offer commonly used views so that you can get started trading and analyzing your position quickly. You can also copy your existing views for option sheets and portfolio analysis windows. This can help expedite the creation of new custom views by copying the exact layout of your main view, allowing you to then simply add or subtract a few features without losing the original view or starting from scratch.


Universal Trade Entry Method

Options Pro users that choose the multi-sheet setting for their option sheets can now click one button in the toolbar to toggle between price prompt and contract window order entry across all months. This eliminates the need to change each month individually from one setting to the other, thereby streamlining the trading experience.


Use Size as Trade Quantity

Within the option sheets, option strategy solver, and option strategies windows, you can now use the available size in the market as your quantity for trading. This can be enabled from the main properties menu for any or all of the following items: Price, Size, Edge, and Net Edge. For example, if your default clip size is 10 but there are only 8 contracts shown in the best bid for a market, you can use this feature to simply enter a matching 8 lot instead of a 10 lot offer. You can also set a maximum quantity to match up to, so that if the size shown suddenly exceeds your predetermined max you will not match the full shown size. Note that the max clip size set by your clearing firm will remain in place and cannot be superseded with this feature.


Copy Series in Model Management

You can now copy an option series to another series in the model management window. This can be beneficial for making adjustments to a series without losing the original series or making changes to how a portfolio is analyzed. For example, if you use one series for your analysis, but would like to see how certain changes might impact your portfolio, you can copy the series and make your adjustments in the copied series. This will allow you to make changes while still analyzing from the original series. If you like the changes you made, you can simply copy the second series back to the original to quickly apply the changes.


Theoretical Values in Contract Window

If you have the Options Pro package you can now choose to see theoretical values, deltas, and vegas in option contract windows. These values update in real time as futures move and volatility and days to expiration are adjusted. This feature is automatically enabled for all option contract windows - just expand your contract window to see the new column on the right.



New Countdown Timer and MOC Orders

You can now see a timer that shows when a market will change from one market mode to another. This will help identify the precise times that markets will open, close, and even enter pre-open modes. This functionality also allows for MOC (market on close) order types to be entered. This order type is found in the dropdown list under the ACT order type and is configurable by start time, end time, and number of orders to be placed. For example, in the image below, the MOC that is selected will break the desired quantity into 3 equally spaced orders going in between 30 seconds and 10 seconds before the close. See more MOC details by clicking here.


New Account Group Filtering

New account group setup page allows the selection of exchange and contract filters for each account within the group. This is useful for account groups in which one account only trades corn, while another account only trades wheat. In this example, you can use the group account to trade corn and wheat in the correct accounts without continually changing the account you are using. See more account group details by clicking here.

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Original text

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