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Enhancements in this version:

Global Crosshairs in Charts

Charts can now display a global crosshair that will match time and price across multiple chart windows. To enable global crosshairs, toggle the global crosshair button (1) in the chart toolbar. This button will turn the feature on for all charts that have crosshairs enabled. To disable crosshairs on individual charts, toggle the crosshair button (2) in the chart toolbar.


Draw Chart Bars with Settlement as Closing Price

Charts now offer the option to close bars with settlement price instead of last traded price. This feature can be enabled in any time based chart and will apply only to the final bar of a day's session. Bars will continue to update during the day with the last traded price until the settlement arrives. To enable this feature, click the properties button (1) in the upper left corner of the chart, then click the product tab (2), then check the box (3) next to "Close with Settlement."


TradeSniper Now Uses Implied Volume

The TradeSniper, formerly known as the Strategy Sniper, now includes implied bids and offers when calculating custom strategy markets. This feature is activated by default, but it can be disabled by turning on Advanced Pricing in the Strategy Editor, then unchecking "Include Leg Implied Prices" under the Advanced Pricing tab.


Treasury Tails Now Available to Trade

Treasury Tails are now tradable on T4. Simply open a Contract Window for the appropriate treasury product, then from the SP dropdown (1) click on "Treasury Tail" (2) and navigate to the desired market via the dropdown arrow (3) in the contract window. Similarly, in a Quoteboard, select "Treasury Tail" in the SP dropdown and you will then be able to select from all available treasury tail markets in the same manner as selecting any other spread.


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