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Original text

Enhancements in this version:

Improvements to Historical Volatility Chart Study

The Historical Volatility chart study has been updated to include Parkinson, Rogers and Satchell, Garman and Klass, and Garman and Klass - Yang Zhang estimator methods. To switch methods, click the properties button (1) in the upper left of the chart, click the HV tab (2), then click the name of the method you would like to use (3).


New Columns in Account Contract Window

The Account Contract window now offers day buys, day sells, and day net columns. To add these, click the properties (1) in the upper left of the account contract window, then check the boxes for the desired columns.


Introduction of Reference Market for ES-SP Relationship

Options Pro users who trade big S&P options can make use of the new reference market feature to substitute ES prices for SP prices in option sheets. This addresses the problem of having to manually update futures prices when SP futures are unavailable or thin. By default, when SP futures are closed electronically but ES futures are open, ES futures will be substituted as the underlying for SP options. ES futures can be used in this role regardless of market mode by opening the main properties from the grey bar, clicking Options>General (1) on the left, then selecting "Always Use Reference Market" on the right. In this mode ES futures will be used as the underlying for SP options even when SP futures are available for electronic trading.


New DTE Display in Options Pro

Days to Expiration (DTE) in Options Pro will now include any adjustments from the default in parentheses. For example, if the default calculation of days to expiration is 11, adding 1 day will be displayed as "12(1)" while subtracting one day will be displayed as "10(-1)." Any deviation from the default will result in the DTE display (1) carrying a green background to distinguish it from the default calculation. To quickly adjust the DTE for each expiration within every series, open the main properties from the grey bar, click Options>General (2) on the left, set the desired adjustment next to "Change All DTE" (3) on the right, then click OK (4). Each expiration's DTE in every series will be adjusted by the amount selected and the "Change All DTE" line will revert back to 0.



Improved Reverse Strategy Functionality in TradeSniper

TradeSniper now offers market order functionality for reverse strategies. When enabled, any necessary reverse strategy orders will be placed as market orders, providing a much greater chance of getting filled. To enable this, click the "Reverse" tab (1) in the Spread Editor window, then check the "Reverse Fills at Market" box (2) and click "Update" (3). Also new for reverse strategies is the improved "Dialog Display" (4), enabled from the same Spread Editor window. This new dialog box will pop up in the event of a reverse strategy getting triggered. It will inform the user of the affected strategy and leg markets and offers a button that will open the individual leg contract windows. This will help expedite the process of reversing a failed strategy, if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: reverse strategies are only implemented in the event of unbalanced strategy legs that resulted from rejected orders in one or more legs. At this time, reverse strategies are not implemented as a result of missing fills in legs, commonly referred to as being "hung."

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