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Enhancements in this version:

Bids and offers can now trigger activation orders

A new type of activation order now allows for bids and offers to trigger the submission of new orders. See more information about order types here.


New Strike Display and Price Display settings

Strikes and prices can now be changed in T4. The choices are Decimal, Real, Clearing, Price Format and Decimal, Price Format and Real, and Price Format and Clearing. To change the price display, open the General tab (1) of the Main Properties, and make your selections under the Price Display heading (2). Note that you will need to save your workspace and restart T4 before the changes take effect.


Many chart studies added to the Core package

To see a list of available studies, including which studies are currently available in the Core package, click here.

FaST Board added to Options Pro

The Filter and SorT (FaST) Board allows you to see all outright and options spreads for multiple products and expiries in one window. The included strategies can be filtered and sorted by any Greek, theoretical edge, traded quantity, and more. For more information, click here.


Account Net added to Portfolio Analysis in Options Pro

The Account Net shows shock impact, risk numbers, and theoretical P&L and Greeks for all accounts. It serves as a risk tool for any user or admin that needs to monitor multiple accounts in real time. For more information on the Account Net report, click here.


Eurodollar Black model added to Options Pro

The Eurodollar Black model has been added to Options Pro. To select this model, open the Model Management window and click the "Model" tab (1) in the upper left area of the window. From there, click on the "Model Type" field (2) and choose Eurodollar Black.


New DTE adjustment in Options Pro

Days to Expiration (DTE) can now be adjusted and reset across all products and series from one place. From the Options>General tab (1) of the Main Menu, tick the "Modify All 'Adjust DTE'" number (2) up to add days, and down to subtract days from the current DTE. Click the Reset button (3) to reset all DTE modifications back to zero, reverting back to the default DTE calculation.


General added features in Options Pro

Portfolio Analysis slides and reports now offer an "All" selection in the account selection menu. This will then aggregate all available account positions for the given report. Portfolio Analysis for a given account can now be opened directly from the Account Board. Simply right click on the desired account and select "Show Portfolio Analysis for (XYZ)."
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