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Original text

Enhancements in this version:

New Settlement columns available in quote board

The quote board offers a new section of settlement-related columns. Columns that refer to "Session Settlement" use the most recent final settlement provided by the exchange. This typically relates to the prior trading session's settlement price. Columns that refer to "Held Settlement" use the most recent preliminary settlement provided by the exchange. This value will match the "Session Settlement" until the exchange provides a preliminary settlement price for the current trading session. "Settlement Change" refers to the difference between the "Held Settlement" and the "Session Settlement." To add these columns, click the properties button (1) in the upper left corner of the quote board, choose the "Columns" tab (2), and scroll down the the "Net Change & Settlement" section.


Added ability to open related option windows from futures charts and contract windows

From the new window dropdown of a contract window or a chart, users can now open an option board for related options. For example, from an E-mini S&P 500 futures chart a user can open an option board for standard, weekly, or end-of-month E-mini S&P 500 options. To do this, simply click the new window dropdown arrow (1) and choose the desired related product from the list (2).


Options Pro users have the ability to change the default window type to a contract window or an option sheet. This change can be made from the Options>General section (3) of the main properties in the "Opening Related Contracts" field (4).


Auto-Skew available for Options Pro users

We have added a new Auto-Skew feature that allows Options Pro users to see theoretical values and greeks for all options without having to manually build a volatility skew. This allows risk managers and traders alike to immediately value entire portfolios as well as individual options and spreads. Currently, the Auto-Skew is generated by fitting a smoothed curve to settlement-based implied volatility points. These volatility levels are then applied to every strike and work in tandem with live futures prices to determine real-time option greeks and theoretical values. Future releases will further enhance the accuracy of the Auto-Skew by adapting it to movements in electronic market volatility levels. Existing users should note that manual skew creation is not impacted by this feature and manual volatility skews will retain full functionality. Follow this link for more information related to the Model Management window.

To try the Auto-Skew, open a model management for the desired product. Choose "auto(PRODUCT)" from the series selection dropdown (1). Set "Trade Series" (2) and "Analyzer Series" (3) to "none," then click "Ok" (4). This will apply to Auto-Skew to every month of that product.


Added update buffer for Options Pro Portfolio Analysis

In the main properties, click Options>Portfolio Analysis>General to find the settings for the update buffer. The Portfolio Analysis window will recalculate at the chosen interval. Increasing the time in this setting may help improve performance in fast markets. The check box to suppress market data updates may also be used to reduce the number of calculations the Portfolio Analysis window performs.

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