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Original text

Original text

Changes made in the latest frontend install:

Enhancements in this version:

Help button color shows if updates are available

The help button will now display as green when the platform is up to date and yellow when an update is available. Click on the yellow help button to find a link to the latest install. Be sure to log off the platform before beginning the update.


Market Facilitation Index added to chart studies

The Market Facilitation Index, created by Bill Williams computes the price movement per volume unit. The study aims to confirm or refute trends by classifying each bar as Green, Fade, Fake, or Squat.


Fills window has been updated and improved

The Fills window has new columns, filters, and improved sorting. See more here.

Forward Curves window has been added

The Forward Curves window displays outrights and calendar spreads in table and graph format. Individual months can be included or excluded and various market information can be toggled on or off.


Account Board has been updated and improved for efficiency

The Account Board has been reorganized for easier viewing. All account-level columns are displayed in the top row for the account, while position-level columns are displayed in a collapsible set of rows beneath.


RTD functionality has been added

T4 now offers RTD as well as DDE. To enable RTD, open the main properties, open the General section on the left, and check the box to enable the RTD server. Once enabled, the DDE buttons in the platform will display RTD and any new links that are copied will use the RTD server. See more click here


Quick shortcuts have been added

The Desktop version now allows users the ability to open windows quicker using our keyboard shortcuts. See more here.

Reverse Position button has been added

A new button has been added that will reverse a position in a market with one click. For example, if an account is long 5 ES, clicking that button will enter two consecutive 5 lot sell orders, resulting in a position of short 5 ES. These orders will be placed as market orders.


Order Templates have been added

Order Templates allow users to create custom batch, multi-exit OCO, and slicer orders that can be saved and quickly reused. See more here.

ByPortfolio Mode has been added

A new account mode has been added that much more accurately reflects true margin requirements, especially with options positions. An explanation of each account mode can be found here. Please note that a firm admin would need to make any desired account change as CTS support does not have authority over risk changes for live accounts.

Font settings have moved to the main properties

Font settings have moved from their individual window properties to the main properties. To find them, open the main properties and then click on the Display section on the left side. Display settings will be grouped on the right side.

Chart intervals can now be customized

To set custom chart intervals, open the main properties and then click on the Windows>Chart Window section on the left side. The number of quick intervals can be changed and custom bar intervals can be set here. These custom intervals will then display in their usual place in the chart.

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Previous Releases
4.7.52 - 8 Sep 2021
4.7.23 - 7 Jan 2019
4.3.75 - 20 Sep 2017
4.3.72 - 10 Apr 2017
4.3.60 - 14 Oct 2016
4.3.55 - 9 Jun 2016
4.3.49 - 6 Mar 2016
4.3.48 - 16 Feb 2016
4.3.43 - 23 Nov 2015
4.3.41 - 14 Oct 2015
4.3.40 - 25 Aug 2015
4.3.39 - 3 Aug 2015
4.3.34 - 12 Jun 2015
4.3.19 - 20 Dec 2014
4.3.12 - 2 Oct 2014
4.3.10 - 21 Aug 2014
4.3.4 - 10 May 2014

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