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Original text

Shows all filled and partially filled orders as independent groups. Each order has a header that describes the order’s market, side, quantity, average fill price, status, and order type. Beneath the header is a set of rows for each unique price of the filled order. For example, if an order to buy 10 contracts is filled at 6 different prices, there will be 6 rows of information. If the order is filled at one price but just 1 contract at a time, there will be 1 row of information.

  1. Orders Tab
  2. Shows all orders exactly as they were filled. For example, a calendar spread will have separate rows for each unique spread price of the fill, but it will not show the unique leg prices. In the screenshots below, the account was filled on three orders: bought 1 Crude Oil Oct-Jan spread, bought 9 Crude Oil Oct-Jan spreads, sold 10 Crude Oil Oct-Jan spreads. In this tab, each order receives its own collapsible group and any unique fill prices shown within that group.


  3. Orders and Legs Tab
  4. Shows all orders as they were filled and with any leg prices. For example, a calendar spread will have separate rows for each unique spread price and leg price of the fill.


  5. Positions Tab
  6. Shows all fills grouped by market. For example, a calendar spread will have all orders executed as that spread shown in one group. If separate orders were filled via the legs, those will have their own leg groups by month.


  7. Positions and Legs
  8. Shows all fills and legs grouped by market. For example, a calendar spread will have one group for the unique spread prices, one group for the first leg's unique prices, and another group for the second leg's unique prices. And fills that result from outright fills will be combined with their appropriate group.


Various filters are in place to help find and combine the desired filled orders. These include the My/All Account filter, Current/Previous/All Day filter, and Exchange filter. Additionally, if the Check Order/Fill columns are enabled, two more filters will be visible in the Fills window. This allows a user to check certain orders or individual fills and then show/hide the checked/unchecked orders. This can be helpful in keeping track of completed orders, for example by adding a check to the Order Check column and setting the filter to hide checked orders.
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