Trading from the Contract Window

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Tap on the bid or offer to display the Order Ticket.


1. Enter the volume.

2. Select buy or sell.

3. Select an order type of Stop, Limit, Stop-Limit, and Market.

4. Set the desired price. If you want more than 10 prices to choose from, tap on the … button and then select on the drop down box again, and you will see more prices to choose from. If you still want more prices, tap on the “…” button once more and select the drop down box, and you will have more options. You can also type in the price you want by clicking on the “Type a Price” button. Enter the price in the “Price” text box.

5. Tap the “Submit” button to enter the order. You will see a yellow pop up note indicating that your order has been submitted. You will also see the new order displayed in the Orders Window.