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Getting Around T4 Mobile for iOS

We designed the T4 Mobile for iOS to be easy for you to get around. T4 Mobile for iOS only supports viewing/trading a single account at a time.

Tip: To be able to login T4 Mobile for iOS requires iOS version 9.0 or higher.

When you first login you are taken to the Quotes Page.

Each window provides a tool bar at the bottom to toggle to the different windows available. You can choose from Quotes, Positions, Orders, and Fills

There are multiple ways to pull up a Contract Window to enter trades from but the quickest way is to tap on the market you wish to trade on the Quote Board. You can also set order prompts by going to the Tap2Trade Settings and changing the Order confirmation.
To change your account, simply tap the Settings iconImage located at the top right of the window and when the menu comes up select Switch Account.

Some screens in T4 Mobile for iOS can be filtered. Positions, for example, can be filtered to only show you open or active positions. To change the filter for screens that support it, simply tap the filter buttonImage located in the upper left corner of the window that allows for filters and select the filter that you want. T4 Mobile for iOS will always remember your filter selection making it easy to return to by simply clicking the name of the screen.

To log out of the platform simply tap the Settings iconImage icon and select log out.

Tip: when navigating away from the T4 Mobile for iOS either by clicking the home button or the Sleep/Wake button when you try to open the app again the application will prompt you to reconnect the app.

Logging In
Getting Around
Contract Window
Switching Accounts
Configuring Charts
Add and Remove Studies
Scrolling and Zooming
Trading from Charts
Limit Order on Charts
Stop Order on Charts
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