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Important Notice: Currently there are only a few studies available. We are working to add all of the studies that are currently available on the Desktop Version. If you dont see a study that you want please contact to inform them of the study you want and it will get added ASAP, or you will be provided a time frame as to when it will be available.
To add a study while in the chart tap the settings icon Image, tap configure chart, then tap the plus in the upper right to bring up the list of studies. You have two options for picking your studies first you can type in the search to find your study, or you can tap on the category heading to pick your study.

You can tap on a heading to see the available studies in that section, then just tap on the study you want and it will add it to your current selected profile, after selecting the study you want tap done and the study will be on your chart.

TIP- You can type in the name of the study to find the study you are looking for quicker.

To edit the study go to your settings icon Image tap configure chart and your study will be listed in the view, simply tap on the study you wish to edit and it will bring up your study settings.

To remove a study go back to the settings list and swipe left on the study you wish to remove and tap delete.


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