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Auto Track ModeThe Contract window is able to automatically track the market.
Auto Recentered- This will make the ladder remain static while the best bid and offer are on the screen. If either the best bid or offer is not visible
(e.g due to a wide market or market movement)then the ladder will automatically shift instantly to the center of the market.
Smooth- The market scrolls up and down to constantly center itself.
Centered- Stays centered on the current market best bid.
Depth- This shows the bids and offers as a list instead of on a ladder. Prices where there are no bids/offers are hidden. This can be helpful in wide or thin markets
Last Trade on Price ColumnDisplay the last trade in the price column, or in a separate column.
Volume GradientDisplay Gradient bars showing relative volume for each price.
Average fill Price Display The average fill price is calculated using the FIFO matched open fill only. This can be set to Average Open Fill, Average Total Fill, Average Open Until closed, or none.
Show Price limitsIndicate market price limits on the ladder.
Trade Fade TimeTime(min) for last trade color fading.
Show Volume Profile ColumnShow the total traded volume ate each price.
Show Trade History ColumnShows historical trade bars.
Max Trade HistoryMaximum historical trades to display.

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