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The Tap2Trade settings are where you can change all of your order confirmation settings.



Order ConfirmationAn order ticket will appear to confirm and edit order submissions and revisions. It can be set to Prompt, order ticket, or none.
Delay Market ConfirmationDisplays a brief acknowledgment for order submissions, revisions, etc that the market is delayed.
Confirm Pull AllWhether to ask for confirmation when the pull all button is tapped.
Confirm FlattenWhether to ask for confirmation when the flatten button is tapped.
Display AcknowledgementsDisplay brief acknowledgements for order submissions, revisions, etc.

Remember Contract VolumeAlways open contract window with the same volume last used for that contract.
Default Contract Volume The volume to always open contract windows with.
Auto Reset VolumeAutomatically reset the contract volume to a specified value after order submission.



Drag ReviseOnly the last order will be revised. Can be set to drag all, last, or Disabled.

TrailIf enabled the Trailing button will be visible on the contract ladder, if disabled it will be removed.
GTC If enabled the GTC button will be visible on the contract ladder, if disabled it will be removed.
Reset Order TypeReset to a limit order type after an order is submitted.
Pull All buttonWhen enabled the pull orders button will be visible.
Flatten ButtonWhen enabled it will display the flatten button.
Pull on FlattenWhen enabled it attempts to pull all working orders in the market prior to flattening the position. Tip: you will know it is enabled as the flatten button will have a red box around it.
Display PositionThis allows you to display a position bar on trading screens. When it is enabled you can choose to display all the category's below or pick and choose what you want to see by enabling or disabling them.(check mark displays and no check mark removes)
Show NetWhen enabled it will display your net position along with your net buys and sells in parenthesis on a trading screen. Will look like Net 0 (1-1)
Show P&LWhen enabled it will display your Current P&L.
Show RPLWhen enabled it will display your Realized P&L
Show UPLWhen enabled it will display your Unrealized P&L

In the image below you can see how the position display looks on a trading ladder with all category enabled.


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